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Project Financing Services


At helloproject, we understand that financing is an essential component of successfully executing R&D, innovation, and business transformation projects. Our financing services are designed to provide comprehensive support at every stage of the process, from project identification to result protection and exploitation.


Project Identification

We collaborate with you to identify projects that align with your strategic objectives and are eligible for financing. Our expertise across various industries enables us to uncover opportunities that drive your growth and competitiveness.


Preliminary Financing Analysis 

We conduct thorough analyses to determine available financing possibilities for your projects. We evaluate grants, loans, investors, and other potential sources to design the most suitable financial strategy.


Project Planning

We develop detailed plans for your projects, defining objectives, deliverables, and timelines. Our comprehensive planning ensures that every aspect of the project is financially supported and aligned with your goals.


Proposal Submission 

We prepare robust and compelling proposals to present to financial institutions, public funding bodies, or investors. Our strategic and professional approach maximizes your chances of securing the necessary funding for project execution.


Project Implementation and Control 

Throughout project implementation, we provide ongoing supervision and monitoring to ensure deadlines and objectives are met. We maintain transparent communication to address any challenges that may arise.


Technical and Economic Reporting 

We provide detailed analysis and solid technical and economic justifications to present to financial institutions, public funding bodies, or auditors. Our careful presentation demonstrates the value and potential of the project.


Result Exploitation

Upon project completion, we assist you in safeguarding and capitalizing on the achieved results. Whether through patents, licenses, or other strategies, we advise on the effective exploitation of the outcomes.


Why Choose Us

At helloproject, we recognize that financing is the backbone of any successful project. Our team of finance and project management experts collaborates closely with you to ensure that every financial aspect is well attended to, from planning to implementation and result protection.

If you're seeking comprehensive project financing advisory that empowers you to successfully achieve your goals, contact us today. Together, we can chart the path to effectively realizing your most ambitious projects.