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Creative Shift ! Bringing content value to a next level

Creative Shift is an European project which brings together actors from different cultural sectors (music, gaming, publishing, audiovisual). Main partners of the project are Music Innovation Hub, Spielfabrique, Börsenverein Gruppe, Mediadeals, Mediapro, Federation of European Publishers and European Music Council.. 

Antonio Serrano, co-founder of helloproject, participates as an expert in the Creative Shift project which involves professionals from different European creative industries (startup founders and game developers, publishers and authors, artists, festival organisers, film producers, investors, university professors, etc.) who, divided into working groups, collaborate together on a set of challenges identified as typical of the cultural and creative sectors at European level, proposing projects and initiatives of international interest. 

The goal of the Creative Shift network is to foster responsible innovation in the creative and cultural industries in Europe, encouraging a constructive dialogue between professionals and experts from different fields.

The challenges initially identified by the community are:

  • Silo-mentality and fragmentation
  • Funding and financing
  • Visibility
  • Attractivity
  • Readaptation and innovation
  • Internationalization
  • Incubators and accelerators
  • Sustainability
  • Covid-19
  • New models of business












In this sense, helloproject contributes its experience to the working group of funding and financing, collaborating in a mentoring program for creative projects. In addition, our expert participates in the incubation and acceleration group, analyzing innovative business models in the CCIs. On the other hand, our collaborator Concha Maza, president of Plataforma La Cultora, contributes her know-how to the sustainability working group, seeking to produce a sustainability certificate for creative and cultural companies. In addition, she is part of the working group on visibility and attractiveness, focused on creating a winning narrative on Europe and the creative industries that convinces and involves actors and investors in the sector.

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