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Link4Tour, the first collaborative global tourism community for professionals

If there is a sector punished by the Covid crisis, it is Tourism in the world. The figures are devastating but its professionals do not give up and are mobilized to reinvent a sector that cannot wait any longer, and is looking for new forms of business in which the support and cooperation between professionals from all over the world is the masterpiece.

Link4Tour was born out of the need for unification, with the intention of becoming the first great digital B2B community of professionals that seeks to promote national and international tourism. Within it, tourism companies will be able to give their businesses visibility, create synergies and find support and new business channels from their computers.

The Link4Tour B2B platform includes all sectors of tourism. Through just 4 clicks, the user can reach any corner of the world to find what a business needs. Thus, it offered endless possibilities for business, depending on how far you want to reach or plan.

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